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Who is Clay Barker?

      Clay Barker is a country music singer/songwriter based out of Nashville, TN. Clay began playing music as early as 12 years old, starting with drums and eventually teaching himself to play guitar later in life. Originally from Alexander City, AL, Barker naturally began his country music career at many bars/music venues around the central Alabama area and then expanding into the southeastern region. 

     Clay obtained his exercise science degree from Auburn University and is now focused on growing his fan base across the southeast through his work with Alabama's premier promotional company, 65 South. Alongside artists such as Riley Green, Muscadine Bloodline and Trey Lewis, Ella Langley, and Reid Haughton, Clay Barker is proud to be apart of the 65 South family. Clay has played alongside Country’s Top 20 artist Mitchell Tenpenny, BMLG's Riley Green, BBR Music Group's Stoney Creek Records' Walker McGuire, Thirty Tiger label’s The Steel Woods and Make Wake Artists’ Jobe Fortner. 

          Clay's debut single "Hold My Beer" represents the trademark sound of Clay's authentically rowdy take on country music. "Hold My Beer" is a song written as the poster-child story of how a little "liquid courage" can go a long way. "Hold My Beer" is the anthem to anyone who has ever had just enough to drink to become the life of the party that they were never invited to. Clay's most recent single "Wings" landed a spot on the iTunes Top 100 Country Music Charts along with noteworthy Spotify playlists "New Music Nashville" and "Next in Nashville". "Wings", written by Clay and Justin Holt, tells a story of a heartbroken girl that is scared to rush back into love after being heartbroken.

  As a songerwriter, Clay has seen 3 of his songs find a home on the iTunes Top 100 Country Music Charts as well as the iTunes Top 200 All Genre Charts ["Back to Being Broke feat. Clay Barker" - Justin Holt, "Wings" - Clay Barker, "Know it All" - Justin Holt]. Clay's goal is to tell the unfiltered, unscripted story of everyday life through the lens of the average person. Clay intends to share the experiences of his life through his lyrics and songwriting with the hope that his listeners can connect and relate their own experiences to those stories being told in his songs.

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